Engage + Learn

Engage + Learn

The Phoenix Theatre Company is dedicated to growing the artist - the individual and the art - at every age and from every background.

Our summer camps and year-round learning opportunities are intended to inspire a life-long love of the art form and a desire to support and sustain it.

Through our summer camps, students engage with professional artists to share their craft and experiences in a fun, inclusive, and creative space that encourages self-expression, skill-building and friendship. All season long, we offer workshops and special events for both young and more seasoned audiences to participate and train in theatrical arts, encouraging personal interaction with The Phoenix Theatre Company's developing works and artistic talent.

As a professional producing theatre, our campus offers a full range of materials and spaces for performances, tours, classes, presentations, and other programming enhancements, and our season ticket holders and donors get the most out of their experience with us, including backstage tours, special offerings, and private events.

Our signature Partners That Heal program uses improvisation to elevate mood and improve communication between individuals and their caregivers in a wide variety of settings. Team members are specially trained to assess individual needs and select an appropriate interaction from a repertoire of more than 250 interventions that have been proven effective after more than a decade of direct service to hospitals and other care institutions, both locally and nationally.

At our heart, we place theatre arts in service to the community: to create, train, heal, entertain and inspire.