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Summer of Dance

Join us for Summer of Dance 2024!

Summer of Dance is about developing skill, sweating and having fun. This program is not about competing. It’s about creating community and encouraging each other to push beyond our boundaries and develop a stronger level of physical control and expression. Combinations are not repeated, so if you miss a class, you’re not behind.  

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Ballet for All

This class focuses on terminology, strengthening and stretching. This class is open to all levels. However, the more advanced ballet students might find it more intermediate. This class is perfect to help create line, strength, flow of movement, control, balance and foundation of terminology that is essential in all forms of dance. Ballet shoes, bear claws or jazz shoes are recommended.

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This technique class honors the jazz dance's Afro-Carribean roots and is influenced by ballet and modern dance forms. With a large emphasis on style, jazz is performed from the core, with clean and strong lines emanating from the hips and chest. Dancers can look forward to the specifics of various jazz masters and their personal styles, including Bob Fosse, Jack Cole, Gus Giordano, Luigi, and Matt Mattox featuring strong contractions, isolations, parallel passes, shoulder twists, and hinges. *Please wear appropriate dance shoes.

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This class introduces more of a modern dance sensibility. It focuses on technique and expression. All levels are encouraged to attend, but this class tends toward a more intermediate or advanced dancer. Floor work and leaps are part of this class. Please ask the instructor for alternate moves if needed. *Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Bare feet are fine.

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Heels & Precision

This class is designed to work the dancers' balance and technique in character heels required for professional auditions. Half of the class will consist of a warm-up, physical conditioning, balance and technique in heels. The second half will consist of a short combination with a focus on body awareness and “nailing” the combination perfectly, with a smile on your face! Different styles of dance will be used for the combinations, but all will be done in character heels. This class is for the intermediate/advance dancers. Beginners may attend if they are looking to improve skills. Character Heels recommended for the first half of class. The second half of class may be done in flats or other fun heels. All genders welcome!

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Hip Hop

This class is for the student who loves the dancing they see in a music video. It’s a more urban expression with a whole new sensibility that will challenge dancers of all levels. This class is fun and fast paced and focuses on isolation, weight shift, strength and endurance. Combinations change every class. All are encouraged to attend, but the beginner dancer will need to have patience and determination. *Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Street sneakers are okay.

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Musical Theatre 1

This class focuses on basic terminology, character, technique development and combination retention. Good for beginners or dancers who are looking to brush up their skills and technique.  *Please wear appropriate dance shoes.

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Musical Theatre 2

This class explores the various styles of dance that musical theatre encompasses. It teaches and reinforces technique and terminology. The level of this class varies, but traditionally, it’s considered intermediate to advanced. Beginners are recommended to take Musical Theatre 1. *Please wear appropriate dance shoes.

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Tap 1

This class focuses on the fundamental building blocks of tap including terminology, technique, balance, weight shift and clarity of sound. It’s a beginner level course but all levels are welcome to review the basics! Tap shoes recommended. 

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Tap 2

This class reinforces the fundamentals of Tap 1 but introduces more combination and technical work. (For beginners who are ready to really challenge themselves and intermediate levels to focus on sounds, clarity and memorization.) Tap shoes required.

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Tap 3

Designed for the intermediate/advanced tap dancer, this class moves faster than Tap 2 and focuses more on pick-ups, pull backs, close to the floor footwork, and challenging weight shifts. Not recommended for beginners. Tap shoes required.

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Turns & Leaps

This class focuses more intently on various turns and leaps seen across multiple dance forms. This class will develop your balance, agility, coordination, strength, and alignment to improve the dancer's ability to jump and turn. *Please wear appropriate dance shoes. Street sneakers not recommend. 

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