Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors


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A man wears striped yellow tights and pointy brown shoes.
Nov 22Dec 30, 2023
A nun holds a magnifying glass up to her eye in front of a graphic of the three magi approaching Bethlehem.
Dec 1Dec 30, 2023
The Dow Jones Industrial Average stock line in red makes the skyline of New York City over the city skyline
Jan 24Feb 11, 2024
A woman in a dress and heels stands at a train station with blood stained chests of multiple colors and shapes.
Feb 7Mar 17, 2024
A woman sits playing the piano in front of a large wall of lights.
Mar 6Apr 28, 2024
A woman holds a blue pocket sized version of The Constiution of the United States
Apr 10Jun 16, 2024
A man in shadow leaps for joy in a small Russian village at sunset.
May 22Jul 7, 2024
An assortment of restaurant items are scattered across a blue table
Jul 10Aug 11, 2024
A woman in black lingere sits smoking with a cocktail in one hand and a cigarette in the other in front of a stage curtain
Jul 31Sep 1, 2024