Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors

About Us

The largest producing regional theatre company in the Valley.

The Phoenix Theatre Company offers more programs and experiences than any other. With nearly 500 performances on multiple stages and thriving education and outreach programs, we inspire more than 100,000 citizens every year.


The Phoenix Theatre Company creates exceptional theatrical experiences by using the arts to articulate messages that inspire hope and understanding.


The Phoenix Theatre Company believes the arts are essential because they foster the hero within, create greater understanding of cultural and political differences and, in an era of simulated virtual gatherings, continue to provide a place where the community – from all walks of life – can gather, live and in-person.

We value theatre as a place where people can be accepted regardless of race, creed, orientation, or political or religious affiliation. The arts are where anyone – popular, geeky, broken down or affluent – can go and feel welcomed. Theatre lives where we wish the whole world lived. By inspiring empathy and the ability to see things from another's point of view, theatre encourages qualities that lead to visionary leadership and builds communities in which we are proud to work and live.