Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does TPTC hire?

The Phoenix Theatre Company is dedicated to hiring high quality, Phoenix-based actors where appropriate for our season. Out-of-town actors are welcome to submit and regularly work on our stages as well. While we are an AEA theatre referencing a LORT D LOA and hire AEA actors, we also hire non-AEA actors, including children when a production calls for youth talent.


2. What if I missed the in-person audition days for the season general auditions? Is there a way to submit?

Yes. Please complete THIS FORM to submit a video* audition.

*If submitting video auditions, please only send links to hosted video sites (unlisted YouTube links, Vimeo, etc.).


3. Will there be a dance call?

If we feel that we need to see you dance, you will be invited to the dance callback the Monday following in-person general auditions. If you missed the in-person auditions and/or are unable to attend the dance call, we encourage you to submit a dance reel to the form above.


4. What should I prepare?

To be considered for non-musicals only, you should prepare two (2) contrasting monologues, sixty-ninety (60-90) seconds each.

To be considered for both musicals and non-musicals, you should prepare approximately 16 bars [or one (1) minute] of an up-tempo song, 16 bars [or one (1) minute] of a ballad, and one (1) 60-90 second monologue. An accompanist will be provided during your in-person audition.


5. How strict are you on “16 bars” for the music?

For in-person auditions, we are on a tight schedule and will stop you if you sing a significantly longer cut. For video auditions, we cannot stop you from singing the cut you choose, but we will make note of any audition that flagrantly ignores the suggested time limit.


6. Is it okay if my monologue goes slightly over the time limit?

Yes, but again please do your best to keep it under ninety (90) seconds. See above.


7. When will I hear about callbacks for individual shows?

For Callbacks, The Phoenix Theatre Company artistic staff, in consultation with directors for each production, invite individual actors to read, sing, and/or dance for roles in specific productions. These callbacks are based on participation in the General Auditions and are held throughout the year on an invitation-only basis. We will try and hold callbacks for the first few shows of the season as close to generals as we can. Callback notifications for shows are done via email and/or phone. Be sure to list an accessible email and phone number on your audition form; if we cannot get in touch with you, we cannot offer you a role.


8. Who will be in the room during in-person auditions?

Chelsea Anderson (Casting Director)

Michael Barnard (Producing Artistic Director)

Kevin White (Resident Music Director)

An accompanist


9. Who will be reviewing the video submissions?

Michael Barnard (Producing Artistic Director)

Chelsea Anderson (Casting Director)

Directors, Music Directors, and Choreographers for the season


10. Can I use karaoke tracks for my season video audition?

Absolutely! Just be sure your vocals are well balanced so we can hear you over the accompaniment.


11. Can I accompany myself on my video audition on piano or guitar?

Of course! We would love to see your other musical talents.


12. How will I be contacted for callbacks?

We typically send an e-mail with callback information; in a few cases we will make phone calls. Please note that the e-mail on your audition form is the one we will use to contact you; please make sure it is accurate and legible.