The Mysterious Disappearance

March 7, 2020 to March 8, 2020

by kirt shineman

December 1975, after Christmas, and Agatha Christie must finish her autobiography and the final novel before the new year. Yet, Agatha is fixated on an event in her past when Nancy Neele stole her husband. With Mary Westmacott’s help they contemplate what it would be like to kill Nancy. When Nancy turns up dead, Agatha and Mary investigate. Even though Agatha considered murdering Nancy, did she really do it, or is her reality disappearing?


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The Artists

Kirt Shineman
As Playwright
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As Director
Cathy Dresbach
As Mary Westmacott
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Michael Kary headshot. Michael had dark hair and is wearing a white shirt.
As The Men
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The Artists

the creative team

Kirt Shineman  —  Playwright
Katie McFadzen  —  Director
Karen Jean Martinson  —  Dramaturge
Michelle Elias  —  Stage Manager


Pamela Fields  —  Agatha Christie
Cathy Dresbach*  —  Mary Westmacott
Maren Mascarelli*  —  Rosalind Hicks
Michael Kary*  —  The Men
Mary Lou Stephens  —  Stage Directions Reader