Cathy Dresbach

Cathy Dresbach*

Cathy Dresbach (Playwright/Actor) is pleased to be part of the Festival of New American Theatre as playwright, having performed in many of the workshops in years past. Collaborations with Ben Tyler date back to college days, writing sketch comedy for The Ajo Repertory Company. She also wrote and performed for the Wallace and Ladmo Show and Bill Heywood’s morning show on KOY radio. Other credits include the comedy 3 No Trump (relax, it’s about a bridge club), as well as a fistful of plays for kids, such as Badgers? We Don’t Need No Stinking Badgers with David Wo. The Truth About Winnie Ruth Judd marks her first foray into the comic world of double homicide. Thank you for your support of new work.

*A member of the Actor's Union