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Choreography Lab

January 13, 2024
Judith Hardes Theatre

Choreographer 1: Sarah Wiechman
Dancers: Shani Barrett, JR Lagunas, Katie Jurich, Jackie Brecker

Choreographer 2: Jacody Bullard
Dancers: Wesley Bradstreet, Shanna Trigili, Noah Delgado, Arielle Lemke

Modeled after and inspired by the New York Theatre Barn event of the same name, this offering will showcase how movement and dance can elevate and expand storytelling in new musicals. This event will feature two different choreographers setting movement with four dancers to "Mine/Yours" from Safe Hands by Alara Magritte and Daniel Rosen. The two interpretations will be presented in tandem to show the iconic mark a choreographer can leave on a musical. This event will be followed by a talkback.


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The Artists

The Artists