Tarnim Bybee

Tarnim Bybee


Tarnim Bybee feels so grateful to be with you all today after waiting two long years for Something Rotten! to open! Select The Phoenix Theatre Company credits: Ensemble in ¡Americano!, Magenta Understudy & Ensemble Swing in The Rocky Horror Show, Ensemble in Singin’ in the Rain, Ensemble in Elf, Ensemble in In the Heights. Select other credits: Zayna Nafari in Fat Muslim Girls or Zayna Nafari. Education: B.A. in Theatre & Drama from Grand Canyon University. “Thank you to my sister, friends, and family for their meaningful support.”


Ensemble; Bea understudy, Something Rotten!

Phantom Understudy/Magenta Understudy, The Rocky Horror Show

Ensemble, ¡Americano!

Ensemble, Kinky Boots