Tarnim Bybee

Tarnim Bybee


Tarnim Bybee is relishing being home after a move to Chicago and can’t wait to go to prom with you! Select The Phoenix Theatre Company credits: Dance Ensemble in On Your Feet!, ensemble and Bea understudy in Something Rotten, Magenta understudy, Phantom understudy in The Rocky Horror Show, and Zayna Nafari in Fat Muslim Girls. Education: BA from Grand Canyon University. “I dedicate this show to my big sister Rita. You did it! I love you!”


Kaylie/Ensemble, The Prom

Ensemble; Bea understudy, Something Rotten!

Phantom Understudy/Magenta Understudy, The Rocky Horror Show

Ensemble, ¡Americano!

Ensemble, Kinky Boots