Shani Barrett

Shani Barrett*

Shani Barrett is over the moon at the opportunity to be a part of this iconic show, especially at The Phoenix Theatre Company! TPTC credits: Cinderella, Zelda Zanders in Singin’ In The Rain, Jessica in ¡Americano!, Consuelo in West Side Story, Mamma Mia, Bullets over Broadway, In the Heights and Hunyak in Chicago. “Dancing and music have been a part of my family’s history for nearly 100 years, and this show is dedicated to those that came before me. I am forever grateful they gave me the magical gift of working hard, dancing, performing, and the arts.”




Sheila, A Chorus Line

Dance Ensemble; Charlotte understudy, Cinderella

Ensemble & Zelda Zanders, Singin’ In The Rain

Jessica Flores/Ensemble, ¡Americano!

*A member of the Actor's Union