Blake Patrick Spellacy

Blake Patrick Spellacy*

Blake Patrick Spellacy loves that he gets to play his dream role a third time! His first two opportunities were with the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC and The Zach, TX and earned him regional Tonys for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical. Other favorites include Skimbleshanks in Cats (Beef and Boards, IN; Ocean Professional, NJ), Lucky in Dames at Sea (The Wick, FL; West Virginia Public, WV), Freddy Benson in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, SC), and Bobby Child in Crazy For You (Beef and Boards, IN), and his Off-Broadway credits, The Purser in Anything Goes and Dugsie Gibbs in Funny Face (The Lion, NYC). This one’s for you Belle!


Cosmo Brown, Singin’ In The Rain

*A member of the Actor's Union