Michael Barnard                               
Producing Artistic Director                     

Vincent VanVleet
Managing Director

Robert Kolby Harper 
Associate Artistic Director    

Pasha Yamotahari 
Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director/Cast & Company Management Consultant/Resident Dramaturge

Alan Ruch
Resident Music Director

Marylou Stephens
Director of Summer Programming

Development & Special Events
Marisa Butler
Director of Development 

Gabrielle Van Buren
Major Gifts & Development Events Manager

Jennifer Bindel
Grant Writer

Lindsay Halvorson 
Director of Marketing & Communications

Melanie Dillman
Director of Graphic Design and Visual Communication 

Abby Hull
Marketing & Digital Communications Coordinator

Marylou Stephens
Public Relations Manager

Sydney Kreuzmann
Educational Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Operations & Finance
Laurie Lemley
Associate Managing Director

Matt Schaefer
Director of Finance and Administration

Amanda Griffiths
Business Manager

Krys Freeman
Tessitura Data and Analytics Manager

Hillary Scott
Facilities Supervisor

Genevieve Gassman
Front of House Manager

Antonia Diaz

Dan Malone
IT Consultant

Patron Services
Sara Jayne White
Director of Sales and Patron Development

David Struyf
Sales Manager

Hanna Spence-Schehr
Patron Services and Sales Associate

Sara Cooper
Patron Services and Sales Associate

Sarah Beth Goedicke
Patron Services and Sales Associate

Mark Reynolds
Director of Production

Karla Frederick 
Associate Production Manager

Joel Birch 
Technical Director

Elizabeth Broomall
Assistant Technical Director

Matt Brown
Master Carpenter

Karen Butler
Resident Scenic Painter

Katie McNamara 
Resident Properties Master

Samantha Monson
Production Stage Manager

Michelle Elias
Resident Stage Manager

Katherine Lang
Assistant Stage Manager

B. Reeves
Wardrobe Supervisor 

Daniel Davisson
Resident Lighting Designer/Master Electrician/Director of Production for Special Events & Rentals

Marie Quinn
Audio Engineer

Liz Polley
Costume Shop Manager