Phoenix Theatre Spaces

Phoenix Theatre’s performance and rehearsal spaces are available for rent by commercial and non-profit groups, community organizations, and individuals. 

What makes Phoenix Theatre ideal for your next event?

  • With eight spaces to choose from, we’re able to accommodate a wide variety of groups and specific needs.
  • With a centrally located facility in downtown Phoenix (PT, LT, Playhouse) renters can benefit from the convenience of valley-wide access including close proximity to the airport, hotels and public transit.
  • All renters are provided a full service box-office at no additional charge.
  • Each renter receives a unique sales link to offer ticket sales through their own website.
  • Each renter gets the benefit of working with a professional, experienced and helpful staff including recommendations for marketing and dynamic pricing.
  • Flexible pricing options are available to meet the needs and budget of each renter.
  • All venues have free parking.
  • Concessions are sold at all venues at no additional charge to the renter.

Click here for a 360º look at the Mainstage Theatre!
Click here for a 360º look at the Mainstage Rehearsal Hall!
Click here for a 360º look at the Studio Rehearsal Room!
Click here for a 360º look at the Library!
Click here for a 360º look at the Hardes Theatre!
Click here for a 360º look at the Playhouse on the Park! And here for a 360º look at the Backstage Area!

For booking information, please call 602.889.5294 or email