EVENING OF NEW SHORT PLAYS: Six plays in one night

Sunday, March 11 at 7:00 p.m. in the Hormel Theatre
Please note: Audio Description and ASL interpretation are not available for festival performances. 

Turk, Turk, Turk by Deirdre Girard
Bombastic Danny barges over to his new neighbor Michael’s house determined to stop Michael’s son
from feeding the turkeys. Michael resists; his son is autistic and loves feeding the birds he considers pets. Only when mild-mannered Michael finally blows up does Danny unwittingly reveal information that can change Michael's life.
Untragically Ever After by Evan Baughfman
Untragically Ever After tells the tale of Kylie, a teenage girl who steps in to prevent the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet. Kylie hopes to convince the star-crossed lovers that suicide is not a solution to their problems.
Yours and Mine by Glenn Alterman               
Sheridan tells his wife that he’s secretly been writing a play for the last two years. His wife, Pamela, finds this news very upsetting. As they argue, we begin to realize there are other secrets that the two have not revealed to each other.
Too Clever by Half by John F. Levin
Freddy, a rookie real estate entrepreneur, goes to visit his aging aunt, a retired school teacher, who lives in an apartment building that Freddy inherited from his mother. But this is not a normal social call—complications ensue.
Bacon Clickbait by David Don Miller
When Kelly Torrence ventures into the basement lair of her intellectually gifted but socially challenged brother, she discovers he has been in a Facebook argument for three days. The vitriolic firestorm that follows engages him so deeply, she worries that he may not be able to pull himself away.
Bunker Bound by Chris Shaw Swanson
Mom and Dad’s lavish underground bunker is stocked with everything but what they want most—a guarantee that their offspring will join them there.