Partners That Heal

Meet Sage. Her mother, Brandy, watches from her chair in the corner, sunlight flooding the room. Brandy’s face mirrors that of her daughter—their eyes connect, smiles beaming brightly. Caroline, Kim and Brian, dancing and clapping at the foot of the bed, are doing what they have been trained to do: providing laughter and a sense of normalcy to Sage and her family.

Specially trained Partners That Heal artists use improvisation, puppetry and music to comfort children like Sage in healthcare and crisis facilities. Participating facilities such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital report improved communication between patients and caregivers directly following a visit. On more than one occasion, a visit from the Partners That Heal team has been the last wish of a dying child.

Partners That Heal serves thousands of children and their families every year through primary partnerships with Phoenix Children's Hospital, St. Vincent De Paul and District Medical Group Children's Rehabilitative Services Clinic. We have also provided services to Children's Cancer Network's Cancer Survivorship Camp, Camp Rainbow, The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ Camp Incredible, Ryan House, Florence Crittenton, and Banner Thunderbird Children's Center.

Read Healing The Child: 8 Years With Partners That Heal by Jennifer Haaland, an interview with Brian Sweis, one of the original members.

For more information about Partners That Heal, contact Pasha Yamotahari at 602.889.6304 or