Frequently Asked Questions for AuditionsHow do I book an audition slot?

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  2. What if I can’t make it to the season general auditions? Can I make other arrangements?
    You should mail, email, or drop off two completed audition forms with three copies of your resume and headshot. If submitting video auditions, links to hosted video sites (YouTube private, DropBox, etc.) and/or email friendly QT or WM files are acceptable. If you are going to email your headshots/resume, please email them to
  3. If a conflict arises, can I change my audition appointment time?
    Yes, there will be a phone number posted on the confirmation email you get when you schedule your audition. This number should only be used if you have already scheduled an appointment and need to cancel or change it. 
  1. What if there are no more audition times or any open times for my availability?
    If you can not find a time slot to fit your schedule or if all the time slots fill up, please email with your headshot and resume, a completed audition form (available here), and a few dates and times that will work for you, and you will go on a waiting list. 
  2. How early should I arrive and check-in before my audition?
    Arrive at least 15 minutes before your audition time, with three headshots/ resumes and three completed audition forms. Please note that if Phoenix Theatre is performing a show at the time of your audition, it may take you a bit more time to find parking.
  1. If I’m running late, what should I do?
    You should call the phone number posted on the confirmation email you received when you booked your audition. It is the same number you should use if you need to change or cancel your audition time
  1. What should I wear for the first call? What about for the dance call (if applicable)?
    Business casual is fine. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. No shorts, flip-flops, t-shirts, miniskirts, or tank tops. For any movement calls, wear something in which you are comfortable dancing. No bare feet will be allowed during the movement audition.
  1. Where should I park? Where should I enter the building? Will there be signs directing me where to go?
    There are two parking lots in front of Phoenix Theatre. Either is fine for parking. We do share the parking lots with the art museum, so it is a good idea to arrive early in case there are a large number of people visiting the art museum and/or if our theatre has a show performing on one of its stages. There will be signs posted directing you where to go to enter the building.
  2. What should I prepare?
    - For non-musical (straight play) auditions, you should prepare two contrasting monologues, no more than 90 seconds each.
    - For musical auditions, you should prepare 16 bars of an up-tempo song, 16 bars of a ballad, and a 60-90 second monologue. You will only sing one song for your audition. The second song may be sung upon request.   
  1. How many copies of my headshot and resume should I bring? What about sheet music?
    Please bring three copies of your headshot and resume, and three copies of your audition form. We ask for three copies because one is kept with the Artistic Director, one with the casting consultant, and one with the production team. As for your sheet music, please have it on hand to give to the accompanist upon entering the audition room. 
  1. Will I be expected to move or dance at the first call?
    No, there will be a specific movement call that is invite-only on Monday, March 26, 2018.
  1. How strict are they on “16 bars”?
    We ask that you do not go over the 16 bars for your song. There will be a large number of people auditioning. To give everyone the same amount of time, we need to keep everyone’s audition five minutes or less. 
  1. Is it okay if my monologue goes slightly over the time limit?
    Yes, but again please do your best to keep it under 90 seconds. If you go over, please know you may be cut off.
  1. When will I hear about callbacks?
    The Phoenix Theatre artistic staff, in consultation with directors, invites individual actors to read, sing and/or dance for roles in specific productions during callbacks. These callbacks are based on participation in the General Auditions and are held throughout the year on an invitation-only basis. We will try and hold callbacks for the first few shows of the season as close to generals as we can. Callback notifications for shows are done via email and/or phone. 
  1. Who will be in the room when I audition?
    Michael Barnard (Producing Artistic Director)
    Robert Kolby Harper (Associate Artistic Director)
    Alan Ruch (Resident Musical Director)
    Pasha Yamotahari (Associate Producing Director/Director of Casting)
    Other people may be present, including directors/ assistant directors for the season.
  1. Can I bring my own accompanist?
    Yes, please let your contact in check-in know that you have your own. 
  1. Can my music be pre-recorded (iPod, CD player etc.) and/or can I bring my own instrument to play?
    No, we ask that you either use the accompanist provided or bring your own accompanist. Part of the musical audition process is seeing that you are familiar with singing with live accompaniment. You are welcome to sing acapella if you so choose.
  1. Will there be a warm-up/stretch room available for me to use prior to my audition?
    As a courtesy to actors auditioning, we try to always have warm-up room(s) available for you. However, depending on the date/time of your audition and simultaneous events happening at the theatre, it is possible that the room(s) may not be available. Prepare accordingly.
  1. What can I expect? What should I prepare, once entering the audition room?
    In the audition room, there will be a music stand (near the accompanist) and a chair (up stage of your playing area) available for your use should you need them. There will be a courtesy table adjacent to the door you enter where you can leave your personal belongings. An X (marked by SPIKE TAPE) on the ground and in the center of the room is where the casting personnel would like you to do your introduction, music selections (if applicable), and acting selection(s). The casting team will be seated at a table across from the X mark. Upon entering the room, please leave your personal belongings at the provided courtesy table. A casting associate will grab the copy of your headshot/resume (you will have left one copy of your headshot/resume when you sign in). Please then have your sheet music out and ready to hand to the accompanist. After checking in with the accompanist, please proceed to the X mark to begin your audition.  
  1. How will I be contacted for callbacks?
    We typically send an e-mail with callback information. In a few select cases, we will make phone calls. Please note that the e-mail attached to your audition slot account is the one we will use to contact you for callbacks, so please make sure it’s correct when you sign up for your audition.