Angel of the Arts Tree

This holiday season, our Ambassador Board has decorated the ivory tree in our lobby with ornaments representing different aspects you can support. Select an option below to give a gift and support Phoenix Theatre’s work on stage and in our community.

Set & Scenery Gift
Lights Up – Curtains Open! Your gift quite literally sets the stage for the season!  Make a SCENE this holiday season and PROPS to YOU for supporting the arts in Phoenix. 
Suggested Donation: $50

Wigs & Wardrobe Gift
Contribute to the magic of what happens behind dressing room doors!  Your gift keeps the chorus dressed to the nines and funds a lovely wig – and that’s worthy of a jig!  You’re BEST DRESSED in our heart – thank you for giving!
Suggested Donation - $50

Music & Sound Gift
Your gift brings to life the very heart of the theatre—the SOUND!  Keep the music moving and the voices vibrant—give today!
Suggested Donation - $50

Technology Gift
What makes the sun rise and the stars shine? Well on stage, that would be special lights, computers and pulleys. Give a "techie" gift today!  Special Effects come from Special Donors like you!
Suggested Donation - $50

Children’s Education Gift 
Sponsor a child's summer camp experience through a full or partial scholarship! End the year with a flourish, and support the arts today!

Children’s Outreach Gift 
Sponsor the joy of a child through Partners That Heal at Phoenix Children’s Hospital!  Give a gift that inspires hope… that provides the best medicine of all – laughter.
Suggested Donation - $50

The Phoenix Theatre Ambassador Board is a group of young professionals working to show younger audiences that Phoenix Theatre and our outreach programs are something to get excited about! Interested in joining? Contact Gabrielle Van Buren at 602.889.5290 or