Ambassador Board

Phoenix Theatre entertains thousands of residents each year, in addition to providing essential outreach programs in healthcare and crisis facilities across the Valley. Our partnerships with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, among others, benefit countless children and adults in our community.

As the Phoenix Theatre Ambassador Board, we show younger audiences that excitement can be found at Phoenix Theatre and in our outreach programs. Together we will help others to experience the hope – and fun! – that theatre arts create.

Join us for Opening Act on September 23! Learn more and RSVP for this great kick off to our 2017/18 season! 


Bryan Babich
Nick Berger
Dan Biswas
Lexie Bohnert
Zach Crawford
Jonah Dicker
Geri Hormel
Kris Klinefelter
Jamie Mayrose
Taylour Miller
Donny Peper
Pierre Petersen
Megan Schmitz